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Xeito Fole a.k.a non ten xeito, dissident transgender-butch, visual artist and transfeminist antiespecist activist.

His artistic practices are focused on the deconstruction of hegemonic identitites and the sex-gender system, critique and reflection on the physical and political limits of bodies and borders. His work is developed and mutate through digital languages such as image, video and creative programming code, in close connection with technological supports and the internet.

With transfeminism is thought and questioned himself continuously.

He currently works as a trainer and coordinator of projects on sexual and gender diversity from a transfeminist and intersectional perspective, assembling artistic education and creative methodologies as a motor for thinking and acting at a social level.

He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo (2005-2010), during which time he obtained several scholarships that allow him to broaden his experience and knowledge with stays in the cities of Angers (France), Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona. In the latter, he finished his degree specializing in image at the University of Barcelona, while carrying out the project Aquí y Ahora (2010), a project that explores the time factor between video image and photography.

He has a Master in Digital Arts at Pompeu Fabra University (2010-2011) where he developed HackPortrait, a process of research and experimentation on the possibilities of portrait with programming code in real time.

During 2018 he develops the project VOCES LGTBI+ (documentary + device / multichannel video interface), which includes a series of interviews with people who are refugees for reasons of sexual identity or gender, in collaboration with iDensitat.

It has participated in the ICE – TrasMarikaBollo Film Festival (Barcelona, 2018), Exhibition “Diversity, gender and sexualities” (Porto, 2018), Muestra Bizarra – Jornadas Bizarras Jardunaldiak (Iruñea, 2018), Muestra Marrana (Ecuador, 2016) with a videoperformance on masculinity and menstruation in male trans bodies.

During 2016 he collaborated like an audiovisual artist in the execution and development of real time video for the project “In Living Memories”, a European project that works on the intersection between archive images, real time video and performing arts. Creating theatre and visual arts pieces in prisons in Spain and Italy that reflect on the physical and political limits of bodies in their “freedom of movement and expression”.

During 2015 he was resident in Hangar (Barcelona) in the applied research program with an Art for Social Improvement grant from La Caixa, where he researched locative media, geopositioned archives and DIY empowerment for information management with free software.

He has been awarded in Injuve in 2012, year in which he was also artist in residence in the Center for Contemporary Arts of Vic.

He has exhibited in various spaces such as the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra, Tabacalera (Madrid), the CEBs San Salvador, Managua and Tegucigalpa, in Les Nits Digitals de Vic (Barcelona) or in the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de Angers (France), among others.


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non ten xeito

It is a Galician* colloquial expression that includes a great variety of contextual connotations. There is no exact equivalent in other languages. To approximate its meaning it can be translated as “no way”, “no place or no mode” or “makes no sense”.

Non ten xeito is my identity, the only one with which I feel somewhere.

It is a state of non-conformity that makes me position myself on a fuzzy boundary between myself and my representation, where no definition fits, always in constant change.

It is an expression referring to something of a strange nature and difficult to adapt to that which I appropriate.
It is my emergency exit.

non ten xeito is the way to face/survive/produce without losing the irony that the show already has.

* In the Galician-Portuguese expression of the territory of Portugal: não tem jeito.



This is what moves me, what interests me, where I think about myself and where I move, what I carry out in my life since I get up until I go to bed:

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