A body of one’s own

A series of short films in the first person and made from archive material that reflect on the diverse, personal and collective bodies. Session scheduled on the occasion of 8M.

The program is an invitation to touch the intimate gaps, the insecurities, the laughter, the stereotypes, the diversity and the possible manifestos. It is a compass that asks for the way, a sweeping wind and the certainty that we inhabit a complex time. A body of its own is a collective body of a thousand screens that flow like splinters and return to the scene between the editing and the camera.

Program curated by Ornella Bodratto.

Before the screening, there will be a poetic intervention by Bruno from Trans*poesía.

A sample of transfeminist posters will also be presented at the Bistrot, curated for the 8M week and produced by the self-managed project Ninja Papel at L’Automàtica, a self-managed cultural association born from a collective of artists that recovers a letterpress printing press from Barcelona.

Monday 6.3.23 (19:00)
With a discussion by the programmer, Xeito Fole, Marga Almirall and Diego Marchante

Date: 2023 Exhibition: Zumzeig Cinema Skills: Research, Video Website: https://zumzeigcine.coop/es/cine/films/un-cuerpo-propio/