Spells and dissidences

“Spells and dissidences” it’s an exhibition akelarre, a journey through which art becomes a magical ritual, a tool emancipating from the “Spells and Dissidences” is an exhibition-coven, a journey where art becomes a magical ritual, an emancipatory tool against norms, a spell that creates and transforms our reality.

The dissidences that have historically been outside the norm have been persecuted for challenging dominant sexual, gender, colonial, religious, social, and cultural mandates and accused of heresy. The exhibition reclaims these identities and histories, which are also ours, valuing and making visible the narratives, bodies, and practices of witches, wizards, spiritists, and shamans.

The artworks dialogue with each other to become a map that serves as a tool for repair and healing in relation to our experiences as heretics. In a clear queer exercise, they question and reclaim elements from religions and spiritualities to construct a new narrative from which to reflect, forge our path, and invoke new spaces to exist.

Curated by Julia Pardo and Xeito Fole.

Link to the exhibition report “Spells and dissidences” (in Catalan): https://beteve.cat/placa-tisner/exposicio-encanteris-i-dissidencies-mirada-queer-espiritualitat/