• IRIS Dissident Bodies

IRIS Dissident Bodies

IRIS, Dissident Bodies, is an academic conference that aims to weave a modular reflection on sensitive and paradigmatic issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation.

The discourse revolves around the connections, conjectures, and sensations that arise within our bodily geography, our sense of self as individuals, and our sex-affective inclinations in space and time. It acknowledges that everything can be immovable and, at the same time, everything can be changeable, even oscillating.

The purpose of this reflection is to find an interpretation and grounding in our personal, local, Balearic reality.

This academic discourse will feature suitable and relevant speakers in areas such as education, sociology, anthropology, art, psychology, etc. The interventions will be delivered by:

JOSÉ IGNACIO PICHARDO GALÁN. Doctor in Social Anthropology, Complutense University of Madrid.

FEFA VILA NÚÑEZ. Sociologist specialized in feminist and cultural studies, Complutense University of Madrid.

XEITO FOLE. Visual artist and transfeminist and anti-speciesist activist. Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Vigo.

GRACIA TRUJILLO. Professor in the Master’s Program in Gender and Cooperation, Complutense University of Madrid.

FRANCO MORAGUES. Interdisciplinary artist. Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona.

Date: 2019 Exhibition: Centro Social Flassaders, Palma de Mallorca Skills: Research, Video Website: www.thakhi-runa.com/2019/04/ya-estan-abiertas-las-inscripciones.html