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Personal archive of error:

This images series are the result of random proves, failures and breaks during the creation, experimentation and learning processes, that without an initial intention I have been saving as a memory, as a personal archive of error, and where I show the failure, the error, what they normally we don’t show in a “artistic production of quality”.

I consider this fact one of the most important part of work with technology and creation, which nobody is exempted, where the frustration and de “failure” make us to move of our comfort places and to dis-learn our relation with technology.

The Error appears like a synergic force in my screen, and transform mi work. That results in broken images, warning and system failures.

This archive beginning with a screenshot each time that the word “error” appeared in my screen and the reason why i have to start from scratch, take a steps back or restart the computer.

Later is prolonger with all failures and errors that appears in my everydayness work with technology.

Screenshots, 2013-2015

Date: 2013 - 2015 Skills: Multimedia