To shave like a real man

In the network-culture society there are hundreds of thousands of video tutorials that show performance techniques of the genre. Within this type of video and under the title “How to shave like a real man” or “To shave like a real man” we can find a wide variety of men who explain with great precision how to properly shave the face. beard. While carrying out this action, they usually address “cis male adolescents”, thus reproducing a self-affirmation of their identity as “men” through this action.

The social construction of genres and the audiovisual media we use to expose and represent ourselves are a technology, and as such they can be hacked, they are unstable and fragile.

“To shave like a real man” is another video tutorial to learn how to shave, with some particularities that distance it and put it in confrontation with the videos that are part of this genre of “beauty tutorials” that we can find on the internet.

The video is subjected to a digital glitching process, the appearance of the error/glitch calls into question the unity and purity of a system, revealing that it does not exist as such. The glitch process is a metaphor that reveals the prevailing fiction of representation, plays with the deconstruction at a technical level of the video image and the gender performance action that it is showing.

Date: 2013 Skills: Multimedia, Research, Video