From my window

From my window (referring to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”), it’s an audiovisual project recorded from the indiscreet window of my living room, an action of capture and voyeur observation of the daily routine of the neighborhood. Being myself at the same time, part of this public-private landscape that we can see from the interior courtyards of the housing blocks in Barcelona.

This exercise of active look through the camera, whose only intention at first was to record the space, the emptiness between the buildings and what could happen there; it turned out to show a clear gender bias in the tasks that we can observe and the subjects that performed them.

We are constantly and potentially under surveillance; and people who are dedicated to the care and cleaning of houses are more exposed to this situation, being part of a panopticon without being very aware of it.

The act of observing and recording fades through the eye-machine where the limit becomes confused, becomes an act of vigilance and the fiction of that act.

Date: 2010 Skills: Video