• Desinstitution

    Screenshot, 2020 | netart, web interface.


Can we think the institution thought from the poetic point of view?
Can a poetic-visual experience (de)activate an idea about the institution?

des- (prefix): from l. dis-. Denotes denial or inversion of the meaning of the simple word to which it is prepended.
institution: Public or private organism that has been founded to carry out a certain cultural, scientific, political or social task.


The web in its hypertextuality is an immense collection of electronic data in continuous growth, a virtual space in which we can easily lose ourselves. Usually, our way of using the web is based on a series of search engine indexes and links on pages that link content.

Our way of browsing and interacting with the network and the Internet is a path designed based on clicks and hyperestudied and predictable behaviors. The backstage of the web, the constantly running programming code, ensures that we visually interpret objects, colors and lines in a certain way. They conceptually direct our perception of the graphical interface, we remain limited in their access, oblivious to what this virtual space may really imply.

The fact of using the programming code to create websites that escape expectations when we access them, is in itself a subversive act for our inhabiting-surfing the internet. This is why, in today’s hyper-connected world, the creation of a counter-navigation on the internet is urgently required. That is, to be able to access sites that are not what we expected, perhaps to return to the proposals that netart made in the 90s, experimenting with pieces that break the language, the code, the expected, in order to open a space to power, to pause data consumption and reflect.

Desinstitution is an imaginary and immaterial exercise that invites, through a website, to a dialogue on the screen. The proposal consists of the fragmentation and deconstruction of the word “institution” based on clicks. While waiting for the formation of something new, what happens is that the structure becomes chaotic, the initial nodes that make up the word become a tangle of illegible and imprecise letters based on clicks. What is the meaning? The confusion opens a space while a text begins to be typed on the screen narrating a particular vision about the institutions, the action of writing this text gives meaning to the piece while the waiting time is imposed to obtain all the information.

The interface is a kind of metaphor and interactive millenial visual poetry. The web format and programming languages ​​allow it to be accessible from any device, without much more pretension than to re-build and conceptually make visible that when the meaning (institution) is broken, the presence of an interconnected network emerges that they make possible and sustain.

The desinstitutionalization will be created through a network matrix.

The subversive power that resides in the institution is only possible through its dismantling.

“In 21st century societies, art will not be exhibited. It will spread ”

La Société Anonyme.

Exhibition: Mostra FemArt 2020, Ca La Dona, Barcelona Skills: Multimedia, Research, Writing