• Without antispeciesism there is no anthropocene to endure

Without antispeciesism there is no anthropocene to endure

This text has been written for the Parole de Queer Antiespecista, which dedicates its last 10-year, special issue, to the intersection between transfeminism and antispecism. Here are some words from the Paroles about this number and its political implication:

This year, Parole de Queer turns 10. And we want to celebrate this anniversary with a new print edition of the magazine. This is a very special number for us, entirely dedicated to the transfeminist transition antispecist.
10 years after the adventure of starting the first parole, it seems fundamental to claim this alliance between transfeminism and antispecism, which, although not new, seems to be that we forget.

In the following link, you can read the editorial of this number: Del privilegio se sale, and on the same website you can access to the online publication (in spanish).

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