In Living Memory I

Performing Arts Workshop + archive image + real-time video. Collaboration with transFORMAS.

“In Living Memory is a project whose objective is to put into practice a creative and innovative educational process, based on the creation of collaborative artistic works between different groups and the use of images from archival funds from different countries, which promotes development of an intersectional dialogue between the participants and the creation of a joint piece. “

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Within the framework of this project, I direct the real-time video workshop, I accomppany the participants in the development and deepening at a technical and conceptual level.

Program and methodology:

– Introduction to video projection and manipulation in real-time.
– Articulation of the discourse between image and body for a piece of performing arts creation.
– Selection of visual resources effective for the whole piece.

– Visual resources:
—> Image manipulation (color, time, deformation …).
—> Mix video / layers.
—> Text.
—> Projection on the body.
—> Video mapping.
—> Webcam: Live video.

– Horizontal work in groups, what is meant and how to say it, discussion and decision of the narrative as a whole. Subsequent introduction of visual resources.
– Codes for internal communication. Physical inputs.

The workshop held in Milan, has been held in the Bollate prison, with members of the prison theater group and with theater students from a school.

Below is the final result of each of the performances of the 3 groups we work with:

Date: 2015 Skills: Video, Workshop