• (To be) Molecular

    Screenshot interface (Ser) molecular, 2014

(To be) Molecular

(To be) Molecular is a first-person poetic experience about my subjectivity, identity and corporality; through images, words, programming code and the confluence of these codes on a screen. Where I am and I am not.



I’m lying on the bed looking at the ceiling, I hear my breathing, I lift my head slightly, I look at my feet, I move them, I survey my body, I lift my hands, I look at my arm, I get so close that I see the pores of the skin, its texture, the hairs that come out as if they were trying to get out of me to stay in the air. I think… who am I? I try to deepen, to think about my muscles, about the layer of fat that covers them, about the veins, about the bones. I wonder… where is it? where I stop to being and I start to being?

I think myself inside, I think myself outside, I think myself conceptually, I think myself performatively; how do I become myself? What are my molecules doing now? they make me being? I talk to them, I talk to the hormones that inhabit my tangible physical matter, my body.

In this process, everything around me enters in my system. It touches me, it affects me, it produces me.

History, pharmacopoeia, the definition of molecule, the first experiment of hormonal synthesis… The chains of signs and political metaphors cross me where my subjectivity is, passing through a space-time vortex: It’s all at the same time and it’s nothing.

  • The molecule is the smallest particle that presents all the physical and chemical properties of a substance, and is formed by two or more atoms.
  • The definition of masculine or feminine gender appears in 1947 with the invention of the synthetic estrogen and progesterone used to produce the pill. They are the most profitable
    molecules in the entire history of pharmaceutical capitalism.
  • During the twentieth century the testosterone molecule becomes a marketable substance along with oxytocin, serotonin, codeine, cortisone, estrogen, etc. that correspond to the set of molecules available today to manufacture subjectivities and affects.
  • Testosterone is an androgen, steroid derived from the cyclopentanoperhydrofentrene, which has 19 carbon atoms, a double bond between C4 and C5, an oxygen atom in C3 and a hydroxyl radical (OH) in C12. Its formula is C19H28O2.

Communication / circulation / contamination system in the performative definition of myself.

Transmute like a shaman.


Acces to work-> https://nontenxeito.net/ser-molecular/

Date: 2014 Skills: Multimedia, net.art, Writing