• Other agencies against homonationalism

Other agencies against homonationalism

I curated ‘Other agencies against homonationalism‘ during the Hackeando el odio workshop, a collective curatorship workshop for the M.A.M.I. museum, in 2018.

The Musea was inaugurated on February 19, the day chosen for the launch is no coincidence. It is the day that, in 2052, the fall of the patriarchy is officially declared. And we are indispensable for that to happen. #DiaDeLaCaidaDelPatriarcado the content is open and can be consulted in the Musea: Musea M.A.M.I.

M.A.M.I., the museum of the future that preserves feminist resistance against the extinct patriarchy!
In the year 3021, the present day of the museum, there is no longer any patriarchy. Our sisters of the future will meet at M.A.M.I. feminist works created in the distant 20th and 21st centuries, when our ancestors fought against #machitrolls and a whole patriarchal, misogynistic, racist and ableist structure. The pieces are organized into collections and curatorships.

Date: 2018 Exhibition: Musea M.A.M.I. Skills: Multimedia, Research