• Other Agencies against Homonationalism

Other Agencies against Homonationalism

I curated ‘Other Agencies against Homonationalism‘ during the Hackeando el odio workshop, a collective curatorial workshop for the M.A.M.I. museum, in 2018.

The museum was inaugurated on February 19th, a date chosen intentionally. It marks the official declaration of the downfall of patriarchy in 2052. We are essential for making that happen. #DayOfTheFallOfPatriarchy The content is openly available and can be accessed at the M.A.M.I. Museum

M.A.M.I., the museum of the future preserving feminist resistances against the extinct patriarchy! In the year 3021, in the museum’s present, patriarchy no longer exists. Our future sisters will gather feminist artworks created in the distant 20th and 21st centuries when our ancestors fought against #machotrolls and an entire patriarchal, misogynistic, racist, and ableist structure. The pieces are organized into collections and thematic exhibitions that address feminist resistance from various perspectives.

‘Other Agencies against Homonationalism’ was one of the curated exhibitions within this context. The exhibition aimed to challenge and question homonationalism, a phenomenon in which LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion are used as tools of propaganda and control in nationalist and neo-imperialist contexts.

The show presented works by artists and activists who explored alternative forms of agency and resistance against homonationalism. The goal was to highlight experiences that challenge and subvert the dominant narratives and power dynamics associated with homonationalist ideologies.

Date: 2018 Exhibition: Musea M.A.M.I. Skills: Multimedia, Research