• The body that I live in. Writing from sex-gender fissure

The body that I live in. Writing from sex-gender fissure

A personal-political text that functions as a field diary, reflections on the subjectivity of my identity, a process of emancipation from the codes of normalization of the body and the performative definition of myself.

Some words from the publishers about the publication:


We decided then to address sexualities -in the plural, because, like us, they are diverse- trying to put aside their shadows and concentrating more on pleasure, enjoyment, eroticism; vindicating re-lations based on consent, dialogue and respect. In this line, you will find articles and illustrations that tell us about self-pleasure, self-knowledge and the relationship with myself; of sexualities that move away from the norm, the role of language or what happens when we allow the erotic to soak up friendship. We have chatted with young people and also with our grandmothers. We have played to tell some of our cyberhistories or we have been carried away in the bathroom of the institute. We smile.


Date: 2017 Exhibition: Publicated in the Sexualities monographic, number 8 of La Madeja magazine (in spanish) Skills: Writing Website: https://www.localcambalache.org/?page_id=38&id_libro=13219