Viu series: Livecinema

Live Cinema session with live music from three pieces by women filmmakers made invisible by the history of cinema.
Between the months of September and December, Zumzeig hosted the Cicle Viu, a series of silent films in homage to the directors Elvira Notari, Germaine Dulac and Maya Deren. The program was presented as a dialogue between a series of cinematographic pieces with feminist concerns and was provided with sound by the duo that make up Ro Rapoport from the group Las Pibas, a cultural management platform that fights for the presence of more women and dissident identities in the music industry, and Santiago Terigi. Illustrators also participated in this dialogue, creating posters for each session.

Based on the film material screened at Cicle Viu, this session revisits Elvira Notari’s È’Piccerella, Germain Dulac’s La souriante Madame Beudet, and Maya Deren’s At Land and Meshes of the Afternoon creating a bridge between the experimental narratives of the first half of the s. XX and the present, through a Live Cinema session in which a live montage will be performed accompanied by live music by Ro Rapoport, Mar Loi and Josefina Rozenwasser.

Together with experimental resources typical of digital culture and cyberspace, the multimedia artist Xeito Fole will expand the visual story in a non-linear, dynamic and live filmic exercise, which deepens and focuses on the initial purpose of its authors 100 years ago, the questioning and subversion of gender roles imposed on dissident bodies and identities and their relationship with public and private space.

Date: 2021 Exhibition: Cinema Zumzeig Skills: Multimedia, Research, Video